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Expert take

Targeting diverse candidates in tech recruitment by Dominic Harvey, Director, CWJobs

CWJobs is a leading UK specialist tech recruitment job board for both permanent and contract jobseekers across all sectors.

Use data-driven tools to target and recruit talent

Tools like Equality Boost, Instant Candidate Recommendation and Mya use data science to pinpoint when, where, and how to reach tech talent by demographic, location, and interest. It enables you to tailor your ads to your audience. It also attracts passive and active tech candidates — increasing application numbers.

Avoid gender-specific language

The Gender Bias Decoder is a free online tool that can help you identify gendered words in job descriptions and emails. You can then make adjustments, to ensure you use gender-neutral language in your communications with candidates.

Emphasise inclusive benefits

If your company offers benefits – such as shared parental leave, flexible working and childcare subsidies – highlight them in your job descriptions.

Take a societal stand

Today’s savvy tech candidates want to know where companies stand on socio-economic issues and what they’re doing to address sustainability and diversity. And you should expect their standards to be high. Leading by example on such issues cultivates a positive brand image and appeals to tech workers’ values. Communicating your organisation’s commitment to D&I to prospective hires, and the wider industry is equally important.